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YouTube’s Dancing “Dr. Booty Baby” Sued for Medical Malpractice, Invasion of Privacy

Dr. Windell Boutte, a Georgia dermatologist who posted videos on her YouTube channel of herself dancing and mugging for the camera while performing surgery on unconscious patients, has been sued by multiple, both before and after the posting of her videos. The patients allege that they suffered injuries ranging from infections and disfigurement to brain damage following surgery performed by Boutte, and some also allege that they did not give Boutte consent to publish videos of them undergoing surgery.

Boutte, who calls herself “Dr. Booty Baby”-posted more than 20 videos of herself on YouTube, some of which feature her nurses and assistants as backup dancers. In one, she sings and dances along to O.T. Genasis’s song “Cut It” while literally cutting into a patient’s abdomen with a scalpel. In another, she appears over the exposed buttocks of an apparently unconscious patient, without mask or gloves, providing her own rendition of Migos’ “Bad and Boujee,” rhyming that her “patients are bad and boujee, building up fat in the booty.” Amazingly, these videos were apparently meant to help promote Boutte’s practice.

Dr. Boutte is board-certified in dermatology but not in general surgery or plastic surgery. Dr. Boutte performs surgery in her office, rather than in a hospital. News sources have identified at least seven malpractice suits against her, some of which contain some shocking allegations. One patient alleged that her abdomen “looks like something out of a horror movie” after undergoing conventional liposuction instead of the upscale “SmartLipo” procedure Dr. Boutte led her to expect. After going to Dr. Boutte for a “revision,” during which she was told she would not be heavily sedated, the patient alleges that she woke up in a nearby hotel with a McDonalds sandwich in her hand. Boutte was also alleged to have used unqualified staff, including someone listed as a “clinical nurse manager” who is not a registered nurse and who did not complete nursing school. Others allege even more severe injuries, such as a Ph.D. candidate weeks away from her wedding whose family alleges she was left with brain damage after an eight-hour liposuction and additional procedure in Boutte’s office.

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