Mother of Three Killed by Semi Wheel Hub

A pregnant mother of three was killed instantly when a truck’s wheel fell off and struck her windshield.

Melinda Cullen, 38, was on her way home from work when she was violently killed when a 100-pound wheel hub came loose from a semitrailer and smashed into her SUV windshield. The semi-truck was driving in the opposite direction on I-80 highway pulling a trailer, from which the wheel hub fell loose. Cullen was killed instantly at the wheel. She was rushed to hospital where Cullen and her unborn son were pronounced dead. Cullen, mother of three, was pregnant with her first son, who was due in 10 days at the time of the accident.

According to authorities, the driver of the semi-truck has been charged with a violation of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act for unsafe equipment. When wheels suddenly fall loose from moving vehicles it can be very difficult to avoid, and may lead to serious injuries and death. A witness to the accident said Cullen’s vehicle took a direct hit from the tire, and she may have not seen it coming.

The unsafe installation and maintenance of a truck, tractor trailer, or wheels can be hazardous on the roads. It is the responsibility of the driver, and the company to often maintain and regulate safety policies and procedures. Unsafe vehicle operation may be in violation of commercial trucking company’s safety regulations, or of federal, state, or local rules and regulations.

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