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Door Crushes Cruise Line Employee’s Hand

In August 2008, Lisa Spearman was an employee of Royal Caribbean International. She was a marketing and revenue manager on the cruise line’s Voyager of the Seas.

While the ship was in port, a routine fire safety drill was conducted. As part of the drill, some of the ship’s semi-water tight doors were closed. A nurse, who was unaware the drill was taking place, tried to open one of the doors. Ms. Spearman was on the other side. As the nurse tried to pass through the door, she fell and Ms. Spearman moved to assist her. When Ms. Spearman touched the door’s handle, the door shot back into its recess pocket inside the wall, and smashed Ms. Spearman’s hand. Ms. Spearman broke two fingers and two nails were ripped from their cuticles.

Ms. Spearman sued and alleged Royal Caribbean was negligent in its staff training. In the three years prior to Ms. Spearman’s accident, 12 other crew members suffered hand injuries when the doors retracted into their pockets. At the conclusion of the trial, the court ordered Royal Caribbean to pay Ms. Spearman $20.3 million. Royal Caribbean intends to appeal.

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