Defective Runaway Dump Truck Causes Severe Injuries

In early February 2018, the driver of a defective dump truck lost control at a high speed and crashed into Barbara Schmidt’s vehicle, leaving her with severe injuries. The truck was carrying debris from the recent California fires down a steep hill when the truck’s brakes failed, causing the truck to pick up speed until a fiery collision that injured seven victims in total, including three critically.

Investigators reported that the crash was preventable had the basic safety procedures been followed. The evidence shows that the actions of the trucking company and its employees were reckless in carrying heavy loads of debris in high traffic areas, knowing such conduct was in violation of safety requirements. Further, the driver of the dump truck admitted to missing an inspection and adjustment of his truck in violation of the vehicle code, which may be the reason the brakes failed.

Because of the failure to follow safety procedures, Barbara Schmidt suffered severe internal injuries and was rendered paraplegic, permanently and severely changing her life forever.

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