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Deadliest Car Recalls in History

Car safety recalls can be an inconvenience, especially when you have to take time out of your busy schedule to get it fixed. But, in more serious instances it can lead to accidents and injuries. Sometimes the issues prove fatal. Vehicle recalls in the U.S. have soared in recent years. A record number of recalls in 2016 reached 53.2 million, and the previous all-time high of 51.1 million was set in 2015. The surge in traffic deaths have jumped dramatically.

Here are some of the deadliest and most expensive auto recalls in history. First, from 2007-2010 Toyota’s gas pedals caused major issues. In one case, the gas pedal was being pinned underneath the replacement floor mats. In another instance, the gas pedal was extremely sticky and caused unwanted acceleration. By 2010, Toyota recalled more than 8 million vehicles. Another major corporation, General Motors had faulty ignition switches on some of the GM’s Chevrolet, Pontiac, and Saturn vehicles in 2014. If accidently bumped, the faulty switch could shut off the vehicle mid ride. This also prevented the airbags from deploying during an accident. GM paid out $594.5 million to the families of the victims and those injured. Last, in recent news the talk has been about Takata airbags exploding and causing serious injuries and even killing passengers. It is estimated that over 27 million cars in the U.S. from 19 different automakers were affected. Takata filed for bankruptcy in the U.S. and Japan.

If your vehicle is subject to a recall, you have certain rights as a consumer. In addition, if you were injured as a result of a vehicle defect, a lawsuit may be in order. Depending on the circumstances and the severity of the defect, you may have the right to monetary relief, or other remedies. Call us today at 713-396-3964 or 800-594-4884 for your free consultation.


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