How Motorists Can Accommodate Motorcycles On The Road


Texas motorcyclists enjoy a year-round riding weather.

Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are more common than any other vehicle accident. In fact, motorcyclist deaths are 27 times more common than deaths in other motor vehicle accidents.

Why is that?

There are many reasons: Cars and trucks are much bigger than motorcycles, so when an accident occurs, motorcyclists are simply outsized. Motorcyclists are not outwardly protected by their vehicles. After a collision, motorcyclists are often thrown from their vehicles. Due to the size of motorcycles, other motorists can have difficulty seeing them.

Everyone who drives should be concerned about motorcycle safety and preventing collisions. The same is true for bicyclists, who often share our roadways too.

Here are a few ways motorists can create a safer riding environment for motorcyclists:

  • Look out for motorcyclists: The popular bumper sticker “Start Seeing Motorcyclists” serves as a good reminder of what all motorists should be doing: Keeping on the lookout for motorcycles. Since these vehicles are small and often quick moving, they can be more difficult to spot. Motorists should always check their blind spots before changing lanes or turning.
  • Give motorcyclist space: Motorcycles are entitled to their own lane. Motorists should not try to drive parallel to the motorcycle, push them off to the shoulder, or pass them using the same lane. Tailgating a motorcycle is a very dangerous practice that could end catastrophically for the motorcycle operator. Give motorcyclists plenty of space on all sides.
  • Signal: Signaling turns and lane changes is always important, but failure to do so when a motorcycle is behind you can be a dangerous move. This could lead to a dangerous collision between your car and a motorcycle.

These tips can be summarized in one thought: Respect motorcyclists.

Trucks, cars, and motorcycles all share the road. No vehicle is more important than the other. All drivers play an important and integral part in roadway safety.

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