Another Houston Area Plant Fire Injures 21 Employees

On May 19, 2018, the release of ethylene from a pressure safety valve caused a flash fire at a La Porte plant, which sent 21 employees to the hospital. Despite the ongoing injuries to workers around the Gulf of Mexico, plant owners and local authorities seem unconcerned.

Immediately after the fire, Harris County Fire Marshall Dean Hensley was quoted as saying “we don’t have any safety concerns at this time at the plant or the facility.” Whether the ethylene was released accidentally or intentionally is unknown.

What is known, however, is that 21 employees were hospitalized. It is likely other employees were hurt attempting to flee the “zone of danger” when the incident occurred. This is a situation that has become all too commonplace along the Gulf of Mexico. While these types of facilities have always been dangerous places to work to some degree, incidents like this one are typically the result of a company’s failure to maintain equipment or follow procedures. Some remain willing to risk the lives of employees in order to avoid spending money on necessary repairs and upgrades. These companies are willing to trade lives for profits. And it happens far too often.

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