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Social Media and Your Case

Nearly two-thirds of American adults use social media. However, when it comes to a lawsuit, defense lawyers and insurance companies are using social media more and more frequently as a tactic to diminish or devalue one’s case. Here are some tips:

1. Get a Privacy Check-Up

Check that your settings on all Social Media sites are on the “private” setting. You can also use the settings in Facebook and Twitter to require your permission before someone can repost or re-tweet your statements. Finally, beware of “friending” strangers who could really be insurance company investigators looking for evidence.

2. Silence is Golden

Don’t discuss your accident or your case. Anything you say could-and typically will-be used against you.

3. Do not Delete What is Already Posted

Wish you had read this sooner? Thinking about deleting what’s already posted? Do not do that! Deleting what is already posted on your social media accounts may allow the insurance company to allege “spoliation of evidence.” What is done is done. Inform your attorney immediately and be more careful about using social media in the future.

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