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Fiery Valero Plant Explosion

On April 19, 2018, Valero Energy’s Texas City refinery plant faced a dangerous situation when an explosion caused one of the high-octane gasoline refining units to burst into flame. The explosion is a reminder of why any company engaged in a dangerous business has a heightened responsibility to its employees.

Companies can do much to ensure the safety of their employees by looking out for situations which threaten the safety of those employees, such as having comprehensive safety plans in place, and by ensuring all workers are adhering to established safety standards.

Explosions at these types of facilities have consistently resulted in catastrophic loss of life and injury to employees. Many of the explosions in the past were the result of businesses willfully ignoring a situation on-site which threatened employee safety in an attempt to save a few dollars. In the subsequent lawsuits, juries have not been forgiving of companies who avoid necessary maintenance and repair of dangerous facilities that ultimately kill and injure employees.

Large jury verdicts have resulted from these plants’ decisions not to make their plants safe. The cost of a verdict in the millions compared to the cost of simply making necessary repairs to unsafe or outdated equipment means a company will invest in eliminating threats to employee safety. By investing in safety, a company wins in the long run by keeping its workforce safe and its equipment functioning at top efficiency.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have learned this lesson. Some remain willing to risk the lives of employees in order to avoid spending money on necessary repairs and upgrades. These companies are willing to trade lives for profits. And it happens far too often.

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