Know Before You Go

Almost everyone over the age of 16 living in Houston knows it is almost impossible to get around our city unless you drive a car. Almost all drivers are familiar with the rules of the road and the traffic laws in place.

But sometimes, things take us by surprise when we are driving, and we are not sure how to handle the situation.

This is what happened to a Houston woman on March 12, 2018 in the 7000 block of the Gulf Freeway. A woman driving around a building in the car wash lane late at night was surprised to find the entrance to the car wash boarded up. Her car collided with the boards but quickly realized that was not all she hit.

A man sleeping in a tent in front of the boarded up entrance was also struck and killed. In a panic, the woman rapidly backed up, struck a pole, and fled on foot. She was found later that night and taken into custody and charged with Failure to Stop and Render Aid. This is a felony offense in Texas and not widely known.

There is little doubt that accidents happen, and sometimes people are injured-or worse. It is important to remember that if you are involved in an accident which results in another person being hurt or killed, you must remain calm and attempt to provide assistance, even if it is simply to call 911. A failure to do so could turn a terrible tragedy into a felony offense.

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