Bus Carrying Channelview High School Band Members Crashes, Killing One and Injuring Several Others

On March 13, 2018, a bus carrying Channelview High School band students plummeted 50-feet down a ravine near Mobile, Alabama. The bus-transporting forty-six people-was coming home to Houston after a high school band trip to Disney World. The catastrophe left one dead, one in critical condition, and another five individuals with serious injuries. The location of the bus in the ravine made rescue efforts difficult, and it took authorities three hours to get everyone out. Helicopters and ambulances took the injured to three hospitals in Mobile and Pensacola. The cause of the crash is under investigation.

Accidents of this kind usually do not happen without some kind of negligence. Whether it was a condition affecting the driver, or some kind of mechanical issue, it is important that all the underlying factors be examined to determine exactly what happened. According to safety records, this particular bus company has been involved in four crashes in the last two years.

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