Self-Driving Cars Face Litigation Hurdle

One of the first lawsuits involving the collision of a self-driving car and a human driver was filed in California. The accident happened in December in heavy traffic outside of San Francisco. The lawsuit claims a Chevrolet Bolt that was operating in autonomous driving mode suddenly veered back into the motorcyclist’s lane, knocking him to the ground. At the time of the incident there was a backup driver behind the wheel of GM’s vehicle.

However, a report issued about the accident says that it was the motorcyclist who was at fault. Investigators decided that the motorcyclist was determined to be at fault for attempting to overtake and pass another vehicle on the right under conditions that did not permit that movement in safety.

Another incident happened in California when a Tesla that was on autopilot crashed into a Culver City firetruck. According to Culver City Firefighters – Local 1927, the firefighters were responding to a call about a motorcycle that was down. Officials say the driver reports the Tesla was on autopilot and he was not paying attention.

Litigation will continue to evolve as car makers start moving towards self-driving cars.

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