Driver Killed on Loop 610

While many Houstonians were enjoying a weekend which included the Barbeque Cook-Off and Rodeo Parade, family members and loved ones were grieving the death of a driver who was killed late in the evening on Saturday night. The wreck occurred in the eastbound lanes of the South Loop 610 near Fannin. Early reports indicate that, close to midnight, the motorist lost control, spun out, and hit the base of a freeway sign. After he was removed from the vehicle, he was transported to an emergency room, where he died. The driver’s name has not yet been released.

The factors causing this terrible tragedy have not been announced. Yet, people wonder if speed, alcohol, or road conditions were factors.

At highway speeds, even a small error in judgment may produce huge consequences. For instance, going just 60 mph (slower than many travel on the freeway), a vehicle covers 176 yards in only 6 seconds. When the roads are damp, the stopping distance, after a driver reacts, is greatly lengthened. And, if the driver is distracted or impaired, the reaction may be delayed or even erroneous.

Thus, this recent news item serves as a cautionary tale. We need to exercise care continuously while driving, especially when on a highway. That will decrease the risk that we will be injured or killed in a preventable collision.

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