Teachers and Students Suffer from Harmful Toxins Found in School

Nearly forty families are filing suit against the state of Washington, the Monroe School District, and Monsanto-a chemical manufacturer-after finding highly toxic chemicals in the Sky Valley Education Center. Over one hundred students and teachers have reported health issues resulting from the toxins in the school, including, among other issues, autoimmune problems, neurological disorders, breathing and cardiac problems, thyroid and endocrine disorders, and reproductive disorders.

Monsanto is the producer and manufacturer of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), which were found to be toxic and outlawed in the 1970s. Monsanto promoted their chemical without alerting anyone of their toxic nature. The PCBs in this school were in the light ballasts and caulking, and as the infrastructure deteriorated, the chemicals released into the air.

The lawsuit holds that the state of Washington and the Monroe School District were aware that the PCBs in the school buildings could cause health issues. A survey in 2007 reported the deterioration of school buildings in the Monroe District were of the most severe and were known to contain PCBs. However, instead of closing down to make repairs according to state health and safety laws, the school stayed open.

Chemicals within buildings and facilities surround our everyday lives; we should not have to worry about them interfering with our health. Still, victims such as students and teachers continue to suffer because manufacturers and facilities have not taken the appropriate measures of safety. Those victims are entitled to compensation from the manufacturer or facility owners that allowed such safety measures to be breached.

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