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How Do I Prove “Pain and Suffering?”

If you have been impacted by a personal injury, besides dealing with the medical bills, time lost at work, and general inconveniences, such injuries usually involve a substantial amount of pain and suffering.

In Texas, a personal injury case is only worth what a jury is willing to award you. It is relatively easy to prove economic damages. The bill statements from the doctor have a dollar amount clearly stated. But how do you put a value on pain and suffering? That is why you need an attorney who can demonstrate the value of your pain and suffering, especially in cases where such injuries have life-long impacts.

Is it possible to put an exact dollar value on pain and suffering? Is there a mathematical formula that can say, with certainty, how much your pain is worth?

The short answer is: No- there isn’t.

But, an experienced attorney can help the jury find a way to factor pain and suffering into any potential award you may collect ̶ despite the difficulty in putting a value on another’s pain and suffering.

An attorney does this by focusing the jury on certain factors surrounding the injury. Factors the jury might consider in awarding damages for your pain and suffering include:

  • The severity of the injuries
  • The pain and discomfort associated with those types of injuries
  • How the injuries have affected your ability to work, enjoy life, and fully participate in family or social relationships
  • The amount of medical treatments the injuries require, and the discomfort accompanying such treatments
  • How long the injuries take to heal
  • Whether the injuries will result in future pain or require future care, including therapy, medications, or additional surgeries.

The more information you can give a jury about the pain and suffering from your accident, the more likely you are to recover damages-and a greater amount of compensation for your damages. the experienced lawyers at the law firm of Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner can assist with your claim. Call us today at 713-396-3964 or 800-594-4884 for your free consultation.


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