Fires Continue to Threaten Local Residences

In less than a week, two fires broke out at local residences, claiming two lives.

One fire occurred on Thursday evening in an apartment complex. The complex, named Asbury Park, is located at 6200 West Tidwell in northwest Houston. The fire occurred at about 11:15 and damaged two of the units in the complex. Fortunately, the families who lived there were not injured. According to media accounts, the fire began in the kitchen area of a unit, and possibly was caused by electrical issues. The matter is under investigation.

Tragically, the family in another local residence was not so fortunate. Early Saturday morning, a fire occurred at a house located in the 23000 block of Pebworth Place in Spring. The Spring Volunteer Fire Department responded. They found that a mother and her daughter had been trapped inside and were killed. In addition, a father and his two sons were taken to the hospital with injuries that included smoke inhalation and second-degree burns. The blaze may have started in the back of the house where the heaviest damage occurred, but the investigation by the Harris County Fire Marshall’s Office continues.

These terrible incidents remind us again of the vital importance of fire safety. Structures need to built according to the best standards of life safety. As citizens, we should support our local officials as they seek to create and enforce standards of safe construction and fire safety. And owners must verify that their residences meet those standards and provide warning systems, like operating smoke detectors, for each residence. Only then can this unnecessary loss of life be reduced.

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