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Nursing Home Operators to Pay $1.25M for Substandard Care

A Georgia-based non-profit and associated companies have agreed to pay $1.25M for claims that they provided effectively worthless services to residents in a Mississippi nursing home. The lawsuit was filed against nursing care conglomerate owners, Julie and Douglas Mittleider, and their companies for rendering prison-like conditions to elderly residents. A string of former complaints, and even a state-wide ban in Massachusetts, precedes the Mittleiders’ reputation for providing substandard care that has left residents severely injured and dead.

The lawsuit includes nightmarish accounts of bedridden patients abandoned in snake-infested beds and elderly women being stripped against their will and bathed in groups. According to an inspection conducted by its property owner, the nursing home showers were mold infested, oxygen bottles, and medical tubing were rationed and reused, and the facility was chronically short-staffed. The U.S. government eventually joined the same lawsuit alleging that the facility failed to meet residents’ nutritional needs and hire adequate staff to care for the residents.

Sadly, this settlement only comprises one of many complaints and lawsuits filed against Julie and Douglas Mittleider. The couple, and various companies they own, recently settled a suit against former employees for failure to pay wages; paid a verdict on failure to pay benefits premiums for its staff; and settled a wrongful death suit earlier this year for a man who died with gangrenous pressure sores, dehydration, malnutrition, and a condition that caused his limbs to clutch close to his body.

When nursing home owners and operators fail to provide appropriate and reliable care to some of our most vulnerable citizens, it is not only disheartening, it is unlawful. If you or someone you know has been injured or killed because of nursing home neglect, contact an attorney at Abraham, Watkins, Nichols, Agosto, Aziz & Stogner by calling 713-396-3964 or toll free at 800-594-4884.


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