How Safe Is Your Child’s Day Care?

Millions of parents across the country drop their children off at day care every day.

Choosing a day care or child care facility is a decision that most parents make with extreme care. Many factors may go into make that decision: location, cost, number of children, ratio of staff to children, ages of children, and most important, safety.

Day care providers have a responsibility to ensure that children are safe in the facility. However, accidents can happen.

Let’s take a look at some common daycare accidents:

  • Playground accidents: Children can fall from playground equipment and get into other accidents on a day care playground. These accidents may or may not be caused by defective playground equipment or a lack of supervision on the part of the care givers. A wide variety of injuries may result, including bone fractures, head injuries, concussions, and more.
  • Falling objects: Objects falling from shelves, tabletops, dressers, and other places can fall on a child and cause a serious injury.
  • Furniture tip-overs: Some furniture is prone to tip-over. For example, the now-recalled IKEA MALM dresser is responsible for the deaths of 8 children. When large furniture and TVs land on a child, they can cause serious and fatal injuries.
  • Other accidents: Virtually any type of accident can occur at a day care. When the day care provider is negligent in supervision, the facility can be held responsible.

After a child is injured at a daycare, it is important to thoroughly investigate the accident. This may involve determining if the facility is properly licensed, if staff-child ratios are within legal limits, if safety requirements are being met, etc.

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