State Fair Ride Malfunction Leaves Teenager Injured

The State Fair of Texas is investigating one of its rides after a woman, Dixie Dodd, reported a maintenance malfunction which left her 14-year-old son seriously injured. Dodd filed an incident report with the Dallas police, claiming that something went wrong, causing the safety bar on fair ride named “The Storm” to fly up, breaking her son’s front teeth in half.

Ms. Dodd immediately notified the ride’s owner and the fair safety officials about the incident, to which they replied that the ride would not be shut down for repairs. In fact, one of the officials told her that the ride simply could not be closed. As result, “The Storm” remained open for fair attendees for the rest of the night.

State Fair officials told local new outlets that it continues to investigate the incident, but maintains that the ride did not malfunction. Further, the State Fair claims that the ride was not in motion when Ms. Dodd’s son was injured.

While the State Fair is currently investigating the incident, fair officials have come out and said that the ride operator is no longer operating the ride while the incident is under investigation.

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