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Hit-and-Run Crashes Continue

Hit-and-run crashes continue to plague our community. Local news organizations have recently reported two such incidents.

In one case a boy who was riding a bicycle was hit by a car. The collision occurred last week near the Haverstock Hills apartment complex. A gray car hit the boy, and left him injured. The car then fled the scene on Aldine Bender. Fortunately, people passing by picked up the 12-year-old; ems was called, it treated the boy, and he was released.

Not so fortunate was Troy Stogner. A couple of weeks ago, he was riding his bicycle along the service road of I-10 near Channelview. A red pickup or suv hit him and then sped away, heading westbound. Prior to the arrival of law enforcement officials, Mr. Stogner died at the scene from his injuries.

It is a crime when a driver in an injury-causing crash fails to stop and render aid. At a minimum, drivers in both of these incidents face those charges.

But those charges in the criminal justice system will not, by themselves, compensate the boy for his injuries, and the loved ones of Mr. Stogner for his death. The civil justice system, though, has procedures under which compensation for people injured by the negligent driving of others can seek recovery for the damages they have suffered. And, a jury may consider that a driver who flees a crash is negligent. It would thus be very helpful if the drivers involved in these wrecks can be located. Finally, even if the drivers cannot be identified, sometimes those harmed by hit-and-run crashes may be able to obtain insurance benefits, if the correct coverage is in place. Accordingly, the victims may benefit from consulting a professional right away.

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