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Texas Ranked 5th Most Dangerous State for Workplace Accidents

After a search of 19,937 reports comprised of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA’s) injury reports, the Bureau of Labor Statistics job fatalities statistics, and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety data reports, the website Zippia was able to determine what the most dangerous states to work in are, along with the most dangerous industry in each state. Unlike previous research which primarily depended on Social Security Disability claims and days on leave (treatment varies depending on the state), Zippia’s emphasis on the OSHA data in particular is significant as in 2015, OSHA required employers to report ALL work-related fatalities, hospitalizations, etc., whereas before, OSHA only required fatalities and hospitalizations to be reported if the injuries being reported involved three or more people. Sadly, Zippia’s findings did not place Texas in a favorable light.

According to Zippia, Texas ranked as the 5th most dangerous state to work in, with the Oil and Gas industry being ranked the most dangerous industry in Texas. Texas ranked 11th in injury rates based on the OSHA reports (which included any accidents that require hospitalization or loss of body part), ranked 14th in death rate according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics job fatalities figures, and ranked 10th in commuting danger (determined by the number of accidents resulting in injury for every mile driven) according to the highway safety data. Overall, the Oil and Gas industry ranked as the 3rd most dangerous industry in the country.

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