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Charges Filed in Hit and Run Fatality

A Houston man was killed last Monday in a hit-and-run collision. The man was 57-years-old. He was struck by a white Nissan shortly after 4:00 p.m. near the median of the 2300 block of Wayside. He was hit so hard that his body was thrown onto another vehicle that was stopped for a traffic light. After the incident, the Nissan fled the scene.

However, a witness followed the fleeing vehicle. The citizen contacted the police, and officers ultimately arrested 28-year-old Marcos Silva Astorga, the alleged driver of the Nissan.

Shockingly, Astorga has twice been convicted of driving while intoxicated, the first a year ago in August 2016, and the second this year in February 2017. Astorga is still on his 18 months’ probation from the second offense. Officials believe Astorga was driving while intoxicated at the time of the fatality.

Astorga now faces charges of failing to stop and render aid and driving while intoxicated. As a third offender, the latter is a felony. So is the former. And, Astorga has a previous conviction for the felony of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, in addition to a misdemeanor marijuana possession conviction. Bail has been set at $50,000.

The tragic and completely unnecessary death of the 57-year-old man reminds us once more of the unjustifiable hazards presented by driving while intoxicated. We hope that, if Astorga is convicted following a fair and proper prosecution, the criminal justice system will impose the maximum sentence consistent with justice, to punish Astorga, to protect motorists from him, and to send a message that this community takes driving while intoxicated seriously. Yet, none of this will provide compensation the loved ones of the decedent. Accordingly, we further hope that the civil justice system will provide them with a proper resolution. If, however, Astorga only maintained the minimum limits of insurance coverage required by the State of Texas, then the $30,000 will be grossly inadequate to afford compensation for their profound loss.

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