Alleged Cancer Misdiagnosis Leads to Lawsuit

Wendy Ann Noon Berner has sued The University of Kansas Health System, Dr. Meenakshi Singh, and Dr. Timothy Schmitt for alleged cancer misdiagnosis. Dr. Singh is the former chair of the hospital’s pathology department and Dr. Schmitt is a surgeon who was involved in her treatment.

Ms. Berner has alleged that she was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As a result of the alleged misdiagnosis, Ms. Berner underwent a surgical procedure that involved the removal of portions of several organs, including her pancreas, small intestine, gall bladder, and bile duct. Ms. Berner further alleged that even after the misdiagnosis was discovered, she was never informed.

Ms. Berrner filed suit and is seeking damages for negligence, fraud and civil conspiracy. The petition stated, “After the unnecessary surgery, and after pre- and post-surgery samples were re-examined, the misdiagnosis became obvious, and the Chair admitted her mistake to the surgeon…Despite the above, none of the Defendants – in fact, nobody – ever told Plaintiff about the misdiagnosis, the fact that she never had a cancerous tumor in her pancreas, or the fact that she underwent an unnecessary surgery.”

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