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Wal-Mart Ordered to Pay Millions in Parking Lot Verdict

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Car & Truck Accidents

In January 2014, 78-year-old Adelaide Price was visiting the Walmart in her neighborhood when she was run over by a truck while walking in the parking lot, according to court documents. As a result, Price suffered fractured bones, including her skull and needed reconstructive surgery.

A Nueces County Court issued a verdict charging the company and the man driving the truck that hit her, Joe Ray Cass, with more than $43 million in damages. Plaintiffs in the case hold that insufficient signage largely are responsible for the accident that resulted in Price’s injuries. One of Price’s attorneys said that the parking lot as it is now is “very dangerous. “The jury for the case found that both Walmart and Cass played a role in the accident involving Price, but marked Walmart as 75 percent responsible.

Walmart holds that, while the incident is unfortunate, the company is not responsible, and that an “inattentive driver” is. It also says consultants and engineers design stores’ parking lots in line with local laws and regulations.

The court awarded $30 million for exemplary damages, which the court defines as “damages awarded as a penalty or by way of punishment but not for compensatory purposes.” These damages only apply to Walmart.

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