Flying Object Kills Another Texas Motorist

For the second time in one week, a flying object has killed a Texas motorist. On June 10th, a 69-year-old woman was killed when a trailer hitch ball crashed through the windshield of her car and struck her in the head. The woman was immediately taken to the hospital where she was pronounced deceased. The Houston Police Department is conducting an investigation surrounding the details of the accident. It is currently unclear where the trailer hitch ball came from and how it got loose.

This accident came just 6 days after a man was killed by a flying tire and a month after a man was killed by a flying bolt. Both accidents happened on Texas roadways and both objects penetrated the victims’ windshields, killing them instantly. To better prevent accidents like these, officials from the Texas Department of Transportation attempt to continuously remove hazardous road debris from Texas roads, and ask all drivers to make sure their vehicles are in safe driving condition, mainly securing any loads or objects that subject to detachment. However, often times, flying object accidents are so sudden and unexpected that they are unavoidable, even to the most attentive drivers.

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