Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against Nursing Home

The family of Bessie Shealey, a 73-year-old woman who died last year is suing a nursing home in Deep Creek, alleging the staff there didn’t properly monitor and care for a bedsore, leading to her death.

Bessie Shealey was recovering from a broken femur in May 2016 and previously had bedsores, which put her at risk for a recurrence. Shealey needed the nursing home staff’s help will all aspects of daily living, from supervision while eating to hygiene to monitoring her medical condition, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleges that on September 15th, the nursing chart showed that she had remnants of a bedsore on her lower back, about the size of a pinpoint. Within a week, it had grown and “significantly deteriorated” to a stage three on a four-point scale, according to the lawsuit filed this month. The wound eventually spread to the bone and became infected, leading to sepsis, and resulting in her death in October.

The family’s attorney stated that the nursing home didn’t manage Shealey’s pain for her broken femur and didn’t reposition her to prevent the bedsore from growing.

Additionally, the suit also alleges that the nursing staff treated her with iodine compounds, to which she was allergic. Iodine compounds can cause chemical burns and delay the healing of bedsores, the suit says.

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