18-Wheeer Cargo Crashes into Bridge on the Katy Freeway

On June 26, 2017, several lanes of the Katy Freeway were shut down after an 18-wheeler traveling on the eastbound lanes struck an overpass near downtown Houston striking at least two vehicles. The incident occurred around 6:45 a.m. when the truck’s cargo crashed into the Houston Avenue Bridge. The lanes remained closed until the cargo was removed from the freeway.

The Houston Police Department reported one vehicle being struck by the truck’s container. A second vehicle collided with a piece of metal that fell from the bridge. The driver of the second vehicle was transported to the hospital with unknown injuries.

The Texas Department of Transportation reported that the Houston Avenue Bridge has already been struck several times. Immediately after the collision, the Department of Transportation sent an inspector to examine the bridge and ensure safety of other vehicles traveling on the freeway. Trucks carrying a high load on routes with low bridges are generally required to carry a permit. It is unknown whether the truck driver carried such a permit, but he was cited for carrying a load that was too high.

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