13 Dead in Head-On Crash with Church Bus

A bus carrying fourteen people returning from a church choir retreat was involved in a deadly head-on collision with a 2007 Dodge truck in South Texas last month. The crash killed 13 people after the truck unexpectedly veered into their lane of traffic. Witnesses to the crash confirmed the driver of the truck was texting and on medication at the time of the crash.

Choir members from the First Baptist Church in New Braunfels, Texas were returning from a 3-day retreat when their bus was suddenly struck by an oncoming truck traveling at highway speed. Only one choir member survived, along with 20-year-old Jack Dillon Young who was operating the Dodge truck involved in the crash. Before the accident occurred, other motorists who witnessed the crash observed the truck cross over the center lane and shoulder numerous times before finally striking the church bus.

According to a witness at the crash scene, the truck driver apologized for causing the accident and admitted that he had been texting at the time his truck collided into the church bus. Surviving family members of the crash victims have begun requesting law makers to pass texting and driving bans in the state, in addition to seeking $1 million in damages against the truck driver for causing the collision.

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