Violent 3-Car Pile Up Kills Driver Waiting to Pay Toll on Tollway

Last Friday evening, a speeding white Dodge Durango caused a deadly 3-car pile-up at a toll booth stand on the Sam Houston Tollway. Video surveillance shows a brown Buick sedan waiting in line to pay the toll fare at the drive-up toll booth stand moments before impact. Unfortunately, as a result of the violent collision, it was determined that the driver of the Buick sedan was killed when the driver of the Durango smashed into the back of the Buick, forcing the Buick into a trailer attached to the truck ahead of it.

The force of the impact caused the Buick into the back of a trailer attached to the vehicle in front of it, virtually crushing the Buick between the Durango and the trailer attached to vehicle that was paying the toll at the time of the wreck. Following the violent impact, the Buick was left nearly indistinguishable.

According to eye-witnesses and video surveillance, the driver of the Durango was moving erratically at a high rate of speed as it approached the Central plaza in the EZ Tag lane, when all of a sudden it crossed over all lanes and smashed into the back of the Buick sedan.

Investigators have now come out and said that driver of the Dodge Durango appeared to have had a medical issue at the time of impact. While alcohol was found at the scene, investigators confirmed later than the bottle had been sealed. Following the investigation, deputies reported that charges are not expected to be filed against the driver of the Durango.

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