Rise in U.S. Traffic Deaths

Over the past years, various administrations have poured hundreds of millions of dollars into campaigns alerting the public of the many dangers of distracted driving. Talking on the phone isn’t the only problem anymore, with just about everything having an app counterpart on phones and many having a hands-free option. It has become apparent that the urge to check a phone is almost irresistible, especially to younger drivers, and contributes to a staggering amount of accidents. It should also be noted that about half of all traffic related fatalities involve the lack of a seat belt, and a third involve a party inhibited by drugs or alcohol.

In February, estimates for fatalities in 2016 were released by the National Safety Council, revealing that there has been a six percent rise in the number of traffic deaths. This rise, coupled with the seven percent rise from the year before, is setting a dangerous trend that hasn’t been seen in 50 years. Last year, 40,200 people died in traffic accidents. Many states are simply not doing enough to stop these accidents, with only 18 requiring seat belts for all passengers and only 15 not even giving tickets for it unless it’s a secondary offense. In Texas, speed limits in some places have been raised to 85 miles per hour and fewer troopers are in place for more rural areas to deter hazardous driving.

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