Crowded Places, Tight Spaces and Drunken Faces: A Recipe for a Car Accident

Every spring, people come from far and wide to Houston for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The Rodeo offers many attractions including concerts, rodeo events, livestock shows, and amusement park festivities. Inevitably, with so many people concentrated in a relatively small area, accidents, and injuries are sure to occur. We have seen catastrophic injury cases, including death cases, occur at the Rodeo over the years. I am talking about serious bodily injury and death striking patrons of the Rodeo – not just the bull riders.

In the past, Rodeo-goers have suffered injuries from just about every facet that the Rodeo has to offer. For example, we have seen roller coaster accidents, golf cart accidents, and tram accidents. Further, the likelihood of car accidents after the Rodeo increases dramatically when you add alcohol to the equation, especially if someone chooses to drive home from the Rodeo after drinking.

Regardless of whether or not a Rodeo-goer leaves in his or her car inebriated, car accidents are likely to occur due to the massive concentration of people coming and going at night. Just two weeks ago, a woman was killed in a hit-and-run accident as she was leaving from the Barbeque Cookoff.

The Rodeo is great for many reasons, but with a vast number of people simultaneously attending on back-to-back nights, attendees and those in the area need to stay vigilant. We hope that all Rodeo attendees are responsible and are paying attention to and are aware of their surroundings while enjoying the many great events that the Rodeo has to offer.

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