Botched Surgery Results in Multiple Amputations

According to a lawsuit Carter filed Thursday in Hillsborough Circuit Court, Dr. Larry Glazerman mistakenly sliced through her small bowel when removing her cyst. Then he sewed her up without noticing the error.

That led to the massive infection, internal damage and limb loss, the suit says. The surgical error was worsened by mistakes made by other staff at Tampa General Hospital, according to the suit. She needs care from “highly skilled medical personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the rest of her life.”

Before the surgery in 2010, Lisa-Maria Carter was an intelligence analyst under contract with the Department of Defense. She was assigned to work in Iraq. Before leaving for her assignment she needed outpatient surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. Her surgeon told her she would go home after a few hours.

Unfortunately, she woke up a month later with flesh-eating bacteria attacking her intestines and abdomen and her hands and feet black from lack of circulation. Her hands and feet had to be amputated due to the infection.

She is only 46-years-old and lives in a nursing home, where a few steps with prosthetic legs or a simple handshake with a prosthetic arm count as progress. She hopes one day to counsel wounded soldiers and other amputees.

Lisa Marie Carter can no longer work. To finance her future, she wants compensation from those she holds responsible for turning her life upside down.

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