Audi Recalls

Audi has issued recalls over issues in their vehicles that are affecting over half a million cars. One problem surrounding six different model Audis involves coolant pump failure, where the pump could be blocked and cause fires in the engine compartment. The models affected on this issue are from the recent 2015 and 2016 models, including the popular sedans, coupes, and allroad wagons. Audi was reported saying this issue can and will be fixed with a software update, with that update programmed to shut off the power supply to the coolant pump if it becomes blocked.

The second issue involved Audi’s airbags which have affected over 220,000 SUV models. A certain foam used in the inflator can cause moisture to gather and erode the metal and break and send shrapnel out alongside the airbag when triggered. Audi reported that the moisture was coming from the sunroof drainage system, which would then be absorbed and retained by the foam. The company has already laid out a plan on this as well, with any recalled vehicle to be inspected for damage before being sealed with a type of wax instead of foam, or simply being replaced completely as needed. Another related issue is the seatbelts in certain Q5 models. Like the airbag inflators, the seatbelts can fail in crashes due to the same corrosion from moisture.

Audi will be notifying all owners, and changes will be free of charge.

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