Two Crewmembers Lost at Sea in Exito Sinking

The United States Coast Guard called off the search for two missing crewmembers of the fishing vessel Exito in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, following several days of intense search operations involving multiple Coast Guard and good Samaritan vessels and aircraft. The missing crewmembers abandoned ship after the vessel began taking on water for an undetermined cause. The Exito was one of 25 vessels selected in 2004 for a $97 million federal buyout. As a part of the deal, the Exito was retired and barred from commercial fishing anywhere in the world. At the time of its sinking, the Exito was engaged in cargo or freight purposes. Three crewmembers were luckily rescued, but the two missing individuals are presumed lost at sea.

The dangers involved in commercial maritime operations cannot be understated, and crewmembers of such vessels can often find themselves in highly precarious positions. Unfortunately, injuries and deaths such as those involved in the Exito sinking are far too common. Loved ones are left to reconstruct their lives without the emotional and financial support of their lost family member.

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