Fire Along Houston Ship Channel Demonstrates Dangers to Person and Property

A fire erupted at an oil storage facility mere yards away from an outlet to the Houston Ship Channel overnight last week. While details have yet to be released regarding any injuries, this incident highlights the additional dangers faced by both refinery workers and sea merchants in an oil-driven port such as the Houston Ship Channel. Due to the heavy presence of oil and gas companies in Houston, this incident is unlikely to be the last fire or other dangerous event along the channel.

The dangers involved in oil fires are heightened by the fact that they cannot be put out using standard water hoses, as water will only spread the oil and resulting fire. Further, should any oil spill into the nearby water, the channel may have to be shut down while treatment crews handle the disaster. As one of the most active ports in the world, such a disruption would likely cause significant financial loss. Individuals in the vicinity of the fire are at a heightened risk of severe injury from both the fire and smoke inhalation.

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