Deadly Crashes Appear to Involve Intoxicated Drivers

This past weekend, two fatal crashes claimed the lives of two women, and intoxication is suspected in both.

One occurred at about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning on the service road of I-45. A man failed to control his suv, crossed a median near West Road, and then entered northbound traffic. He then hit a Rav-4 containing seven young women, which ended up on the feeder road. One back seat passenger was killed, and the other six were injured to various degrees. Investigators determined that the man was intoxicated. They plan to charge him with intoxication manslaughter and intoxication assault.

The second crash happened about 90 minutes later. A man drove a Dodge Durango the wrong direction on the Southwest Freeway, leading to a five-car wreck that involved head-on collisions. A woman was killed in that incident, and about eleven others were rushed to the hospital. Intoxication is suspected, but has not been confirmed.

These terrible crashes serve as the latest reminders of how dangerous driving while intoxicated can be. There is simply no justification for taking the risk, especially when taxis, friends, and Uber drivers can transport a person home after he has had too much to drink.

The drivers may now face years in prison. Worse, the family and friends of these women have suddenly had their loved ones taken from them-lives have senselessly been lost.

We can only hope that the criminal justice system will punish the drivers to the extent that justice demands, and that the civil justice system will impose judgments upon them for the damages they have caused.

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