Continued Danger from Fires

Although we have virtually completed 2016, two more residential fires are in the news. One occurred last night in the Klein area. The blaze consumed the house. Thankfully, no people were reportedly injured, though a family’s pets are missing. The second occurred about dawn today, and three individuals are deceased. Authorities are investigating to determine if foul play was involved in that incident.

These fires destroyed two homes and endangered others. While it might seem that, millennia after our ancestors first harnessed fire for warmth and food preparation, we might be aware of fire’s propensities to cause harm and take adequate precautions to prevent them and reduce their danger, these episodes demonstrate that continued vigilance is necessary. Building codes should require the use of materials and designs that resist fire or retard its spread. In addition, they should mandate early and effective warnings to those imperiled by the spread of a blaze.

Further, those who are responsible for residential properties should exercise caution about the conditions that might start a fire, such as candles, fireplaces, and other open flames. Even more, those who operate commercial properties, where the hazards can endanger visitors who may be unfamiliar with the risks presented by the premises and who are without authority to reduce them, must take care that the risk of fire is eliminated. So, even though mankind has been utilizing fire since time immemorial, it continues to pose a threat to folks today, particularly when well-known safeguards are not employed. Knowing this, local, state, and even federal officials must ensure that appropriate laws are enacted and enforced to keep people safe from burning buildings.

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