Two Pedestrians Killed in Motorcycle Accident

A man and woman were pronounced dead Thursday night after being hit by a motorcycle on the Galveston seawall. While Police do not believe alcohol was a factor, the investigation into the accident is ongoing. The pedestrians were crossing the street at an unprotected crossing at the time. Fault has yet to be determined because the motorcycle riders were also taken to the hospital in critical condition

While the details surrounding this accident are not yet known, this incident highlights the many dangers faced by individuals on the road, both on foot and on motorcycles. Because pedestrians are rarely protected by any sort of safety equipment, any contact with a fast-moving vehicle can cause serious and often fatal traumatic injuries. Further, despite laws surrounding motorcycle operators, many fail to take general precautions such as driving under the speed limit or wearing protective gear. Even when they do, they can often still suffer serious injuries due to the limited protection offered by a motorcycle. While these dangers can often be prevented by the standard steps of looking both ways before crossing the road, these dangers can often be difficult to see quickly enough to react in time.

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