Teen Killed After Football Head Injury

On October 22, 2015, Andre Smith, then aged 17, suffered a blunt force trauma injury to his head during a football game. He died the next day. His mother has sued the manufacturer of his football helmet and the Chicago Board of Education.

Andre was blocked from making a tackle during a high school football game. The block was delivered to the left side of Andre’s helmet. The play forced Andre’s head and helmet to hit the ground very forcefully. Andre was noted to report being dizzy and having a headache before suffering a seizure. Imaging studies at the hospital revealed bleeding and swelling next to his brain. He became unresponsive and was declared dead.

The suit alleges that an air bladder inside the Riddell brand helmet intended to increase protection was not properly inflated. An inspection of the Riddell helmet found the crown air bladder lost half of its air pressure after five minutes, while the rear air bladder lost 10% of its air pressure ten minutes after being inflated. Riddell has declined to comment.

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