Pedestrian Killed Trying to Cross the Street

A man was killed Saturday night after he was hit by a car while trying to cross South Gessner, authorities said. The collision happened just before midnight, the 66-year-old was walking south across the eastbound lanes in the 8600 block when a 29-year-old in a Chevy Malibu crashed into him, a police spokeswoman said Sunday. The driver said he didn’t see the pedestrian come out of the middle median until it was too late to stop, according to initial reports. The driver was not arrested for this incident and the cause of why he did not see the man is not known. One of those reasons could be was that the driver was distracted. Unfortunately, we know people who drive while on the cellphone or are distracted by some new gadget.

Incidents such as the one the happened last Saturday have become far too common. A distracted driver not paying attention to the road can injure or kill someone. Families are left to deal with the aftermath of the incident. Stories like these show that we must continue to bring awareness to distracted driving. Holding people not only responsible but accountable for their actions will promote adherence to making sure we keep our streets safe.

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