Deadly Explosion

On Wednesday, August 10, 2016, seven people were killed following a fatal explosion and fire at the Flower Branch Apartments in Silver Springs, Maryland. The incident left an additional twenty-five individuals injured and as many as 150 displaced. Even worse, of the seven people who died, two were children.

In the three months following the explosion, multiple investigations were conducted by government agencies. Last week, two civil lawsuits were filed in an effort to hold the proper parties responsible for the deaths and injuries arising out of the deadly explosion. Those parties, Washington Gas-who was the entity responsible for the gas lines that exploded-and Kay Management-the apartment complex’s hired management company-were named as co-defendants in the lawsuits.

The deadly explosion is believed to have occurred as a result of a gas leak in applicable equipment at or near the gas meter and that long-term gas build up sparked in a utility room, ultimately causing the unfortunate explosion and fire. There are reports that residents reported the smell of gas three weeks prior to the incident.

The case is now in the litigation process and the victims and their families hope that the lawsuit will ultimately hold the responsible parties accountable and provide necessary closure that will allow them to get their lives back together.

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