Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against HISD Principal

On the evening of September 11, 2016, Bertha Lazcano was making her way down U.S. 290 in Houston, Texas. Meanwhile, Orlando Reyna-Principal at Houston Independent School District’s Madison High School-was also driving down U.S. 290, heading home after leaving Brick House Tavern. Mr. Reyna lost control of his truck and struck a construction barrier that sent his vehicle airborne. Unfortunately, the truck landed directly on top of Mrs. Lazcano’s Toyota RAV4. The impact of this collision led to Mrs. Lazcano’s instantaneous death.

Mrs. Lazcano spent her years working to support her family. Not only did she own both her own restaurant and a commercial delivery service, Mrs. Lazcano also had experience working as a truck driver and a travel agent. It was this hard work that helped put her two children-19 and 23 at the time of her death-through college.

In the days following the accident, Mrs. Lazcano’s family became aware of the facts underlying the situation and subsequently hired an attorney to represent them in a wrongful death lawsuit against Mr. Reyna. At this time, the case is still pending, but the Lazcano family is hopeful that their civil suit will bring much needed closure.

With regards to criminal charges, it is unclear what, if any, charges Reyna will face for causing the incident and Mrs. Lazcano’s death. Reyna refused a Breathalyzer test by law enforcement officers while still at the scene of the fatality collision. Reyna claims no memory of the incident due to a head injury.

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