Mother Killed on Side of Road by Semi-Truck

On October 10, 2016 a mother of two was struck and killed after pulling over to check on an odd noise that was coming from her vehicle. When she got out of the car and closed her door, a semi-truck sideswiped her and kept driving. Her mother and two children were inside the vehicle and witnessed the tragic events unfold. She was a working mother who was loved by her children, friends, and was passionate about her profession as an esthetician. Investigators are still looking for the driver that never stopped.

Unfortunately, automobile accidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles happen every day. Many families, overwhelmed by loss, do not know where to start concerning their legal options. An automobile accident where there is a loss of life can have a traumatic effect on a family. In this case, the children have to overcome not only the physical injury caused by the incident, but also the emotional turmoil of losing a loved one. During these times, families need someone who can help them to navigate the legal waters to cover the costs of a funeral, and extensive medical bills.

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