Bus Slams into 18-Wheeler in Fort Bend County Injuring Seven People

On Wednesday, seven passengers on a commercial bus suffered injuries, including broken bones, after a bus crashed into the back of a big rig in Fort Bend County. The bus was attempting to pass an 18-wheeler on Highway 59 near FM 360 when the crash occurred. According to DPS Sgt. Carl Currie, the bus driver noticed something strange with the bus and lost control, running into the back end of the 18-wheeler. An investigation into the incident is still ongoing, although troopers said citations could be a possibility.

The bus was headed to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, from Houston. After the accident, victims were forced to climb out of the bus’s emergency exit windows.

A passenger, Dei Artega, who was traveling with her mother and daughter said, “All the things fell and we got hurt. My mom went the hospital. The ambulance took her.” Artega went on to say, “I thank God that everybody’s OK, that nobody died. Even though they went to the hospital, I know they’re OK.”

The bus was operated by Los Chaves Autobuses, based in Houston.

A local news station who investigated the bus company recently learned that the company has had three crashes since 2015.

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