Woman Sues 24 Hour Fitness After a Treadmill Injury

In 2011, Etelvina Jimenez, then 60 years old, fainted while on a 24 Hour Fitness treadmill and fell backwards. She struck her head and fractured her skull. Based on her injuries, she underwent several surgeries to relieve pressure and remove blood clots. Ms. Jimenez, who remains with a permanent brain injury, has filed suit against 24 Hour Fitness for failure to provide an adequate safety zone behind the treadmill.

In her suit, Ms. Jimenez alleges that the treadmill manufacturer states in its owner’s manual that the “minimum space requirement needed for user safety and proper maintenance” is 3 feet wide by 6 feet deep, directly behind the running belt. However, ASTM International, the international agency that publishes voluntary technical standards for different types of exercise equipment, recommends a deeper clearance of 6.5 feet. Allegedly, Ms. Jimenez’s treadmill was sitting 3 feet and 10 inches from the metal box of a leg exercise machine. Consumer Reports wrote how to avoid treadmill accidents. It advised consumers to know how to stop the treadmill, wear the machine’s safety clip, and to “clear the area” behind a treadmill.

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