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Samsung Recalls 2.5 Million Galaxy Note7 Smartphones 2 Weeks After Launch

On August 19, Samsung launched its new Galaxy Note7 smartphone, beating Apple’s competing iPhone 7 to the market. However, two weeks later, Samsung commenced a global recall of the phone amid reports of the phone’s lithium-ion battery exploding. The recall has been plagued with delays due to an apparent failure by Samsung to coordinate with the Consumer Products Safety Commission, who did not issue its own official announcement of the recall until September 9, nearly a week later.

There have already been reports of injuries and property damage as a result of exploding Note7s. A video has emerged on the internet of a car reportedly catching fire in Port St. Lucie, Florida on September 13 after a Note7 exploded while it was being charged in the passenger seat. Another video has emerged of a Note7 overheating and then exploding in the hand of a teacher in England.

The Federal Aviation Administration has recommended that passengers not turn on or charge Note7s on board aircraft and not to place them in checked baggage. Some airlines, including in Australia, have effectively banned Note7s from their planes.

Samsung and the CPSC have urged Galaxy Note7 owners to “power down your Galaxy Note7 and return it to your place of purchase to arrange a remedy of your choice. Once you have turned off your device you should not charge the Note7.” U.S. wireless carriers have offered replacements, but there have been delays in delivering replacements to customers.

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