Patient with Needle Left Inside Her Back Obtains Verdict

As a society, we put considerable faith in professionals-deferring to their education and citing their professional titles as reliable. To that end, we trust that engineers will properly plan and construct buildings and roadways. We expect that our accountants are appropriately and accurately filing our yearly taxes, and of course, we rely on our physicians and medical experts to provide us with the medical care necessary to help us sustain healthy lives. But what happens when our expectations are not met-when our trust and reliance on these professionals fails us? What happens, for example, when a physician makes a costly mistake?

Claudia Ball, 62, experienced this type of mistake in 2009, after the St. Louis resident went to Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic for trigger point injection treatment. Unfortunately, she left with a 1½-inch hypodermic needle lodged in her back. Apparently, Breakthrough’s doctors attempted to remove the needle on five occasions, each of which unsuccessful.

As a result, Ms. Ball filed suit in 2011 against the clinic and the treating doctor, and after nearly seven years, she was finally greeted with a conclusion. A jury agreed that this type of negligence-this type of costly mistake-by a professional medical care company and physician would not be tolerated. Fortunately for Ms. Ball, the jury found in her favor and returned a verdict of $507,000.

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