Friends are Concerned About Driver

Friends are concerned about the condition of an unnamed male driver who was transported from the Crosby area by Life Flight at about 3:00 o’clock yesterday morning. Preliminary reports indicate that the wreck happened near FM 2100. It was not clear from them whether the crash included more than one vehicle. It was also not reported whether alcohol was involved.

The short news report concerning this incident masks the much more extensive implications for the injured motorist. This man may face a lifetime of physical problems due to the wreck. In addition, it may interrupt his ability to work for an indefinite time. His income may be cut off, and his employer may have to find other help. Also, the medical bills-which must be borne by the motorist, an insurance company, or the public-doubtless have already skyrocketed into the tens of thousands of dollars. And, the man’s vehicle must be repaired or replaced. If the event was a one-vehicle crash, and if the driver did not have collision coverage on his insurance, then he will have to find a way to obtain alternate transportation.

As this brief catalog shows, wrecks damage people and their lives in manifold ways. While there never may be a follow-up story in the news media to inform the public about the progress of the injured driver, he will have to live with the consequences of this crash for months, if not years. In an instant, a person’s health or life can be lost forever. That is why we must take care when operating our cars and trucks. Driving is a great privilege; it is also a serious responsibility.

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