Fatal Airplane Crash – Wrongful Death Suit Filed

On August 30, 2016, Kenneth Glazer filed a wrongful death lawsuit in state court subsequent to his parents’ fatal airplane crash on their trip from New York to their vacation home in Naples, Florida. After take off from the Greater Rochester Airport, Larry and Jane Glazer-prominent real estate developers and philanthropists-faced complications in the air, as the plane’s cabin pressurization system failed mid-flight. The plane ultimately went down in the Caribbean Sea, Near Jamaica, resulting in the death of the couple.

The couple was flying a Socata TBM 900 at the time of the crash. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of all the wrongful death beneficiaries, named seventeen defendants, including various foreign and domestic companies and subsidiaries. The complaint alleges that the companies were negligent in the design, manufacturing, testing and sale of the Socata TBM 900. More specifically, the newer version of the Socata TBM 900, the Socata TBM 930, is reportedly equipped with an emergency decent mode, designed to automatically descend the plane to 15,000 feet in case of a loss in cabin pressure.

The case is now working its way through the litigation process. Kenneth Glazer, Melinda Glazer Maclaren, and Richard Glazer are seeking to hold the necessary parties responsible for their parents’ untimely passing.

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