Stroller Injuries Result in More Head Injuries Than Previously Thought

According to a report published last Wednesday in the journal Academic Pediatrics, an average of 17,187 children a year wind up in emergency rooms because of stroller and baby carrier accidents. Sadly, more of these children are suffering brain injuries than previously believed.

The report found that fewer than twenty percent of stroller or baby carrier accidents resulted in traumatic brain injuries or concussions in 1990. However, by 2010, forty-two percent of children in stroller accidents and fifty-three percent of babies in carrier accidents treated were determined to have sustained a brain injury or concussion. Most of these injuries occurred when a child fell from a stroller or carrier or when they tipped over and most occurred in children less than a year old.

Kristin J. Roberts, the study’s co-author, noted that the higher brain injury rates in recent years do not necessarily mean that strollers and baby carriers are now more dangerous. The higher rates could be because health care providers are now more aware of traumatic brain injuries and concussions. Of course, Ms. Roberts also noted the important role that parents play in preventing these types of injuries.

Since the study has been conducted, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has published new standards that address stroller and carrier related hazards, such as structural integrity, stability, hinges, brakes and buckles.

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